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 National Guards Application Martin_Chobanov

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PostSubject: National Guards Application Martin_Chobanov   Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:19 pm

First name and last name: Martin_Chobanov

Date of birth: 12/6/1986

Life Biography (minimum of 70 words!): Martin Chobanov is rich man he is the owner of Taxi company and Alpha Globa Media he is good guy around 26 years old he like to play video games but he have alot of crimis in his back stage he was a Mafia Leader but he didnt doo nothing crriminal in the mafia but he was weapon dealer this is the only crime in his criminal base. (Checked By S.F.P.D]

Why do you wish to be a National Guard member? (minimum of 50 words!): Well they are nice grouph whit good rp skills and good rp skills in bank robberys kiddnaps so they are 1 of the best laws in the San Andreas also they have nice and good meambers they who can Roleplay very good and is nice people to talk whit them and is easy to work whit them

Why out of all the other people applying, should i pick you (minimum of 50 words!): Well i am good man is very easy to work whit me i can rp i follow highter rank orders i use our cars only when is needed in Kiddnaps Gang wars Bank roberrys and etc. i am patient and i can wait allways

Have you previously been in a Law Enforcement faction?, if so tell me the rank you were and how long you did this for: No but i am the owner of S.F.P.D
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PostSubject: Re: National Guards Application Martin_Chobanov   Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:19 am

I'm sorry to in form you that your application was DENIED

Reasons are stated below

Your application was very messy
Your English is not very good

If you wish to apply again that is fine, but please do not copy this application again, thanks
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National Guards Application Martin_Chobanov
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