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 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form

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PostSubject: The Chinese Rascal's Application Form   The Chinese Rascal's Application Form EmptyWed Jan 25, 2012 1:23 pm

Note : All In game Details will be located Below the Family Bio and skin ..

The Chinese Rascal's

The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Rascal11


History of The Chinese Rascal's ....

The gang was formed during the early 1960s in the early years of San Andreas's Independence when the police force was more relaxed in its enforcement. 369 recruited members mainly in prisons and ex-convicts who wanted to belong to the most powerful gang. Until recently, 369 was a group of the '18' (Chup Pueh Sio Kun Tong in Hokkien) secret society.

It has since declared its independence from the '18' group and has opened its own branches in many parts of San Andreas. Places like All Saints Mall, LS Airport, Groove Street and places like Commerce are the main branches in which many members are recruited.

Member identification ....
Members of this secret society often tattoo lines of dots called 'tiam' in Hokkien on their foreheads or even five dots on each knuckle on their fingers to identify themselves as 'fighters'. Teardrops on the cheeks are also quite common to signify they have recently lost a 'brother' due to a gang attack or have no more tears to cry, or blood drop below their lips to signify that they won't bleed during a fight.

369 members have been known to dress in a predominantly black outfit and usually taunt rival gang members into a fight with their myriad of gang chants and poems. Gang signs and gang symbols are a few ways gang members use to exhibit their association with this secret society.

Gang violence in San Andreas
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the gang furiously attacked rival gangs and started many turf wars. It also started recruiting many members from the Indian & Malay community after relaxing the only-Chinese rule. It also made profits from the sale of illegal and pirated VCDs, narcotics and prostitution. Attacks on rival gangs such as the '303' gang (Sakongsa in Hokkien), the Omega gang and other independent branches of the '18' group were somewhat of a routine occurrence.

The police cracked down on gang activity in the early 1980s and gang wars came to a screeching halt as many of the leaders were jailed. Many other notorious 'headmen' fled to neighboring countries or were killed in gang attacks. However, in the late 1990s and early dawn of the millennium, the gang gained strength as many of the jailed leaders were released and several of the members had succeeded in scaring off many rival gangs from territories. Gang attacks once again became common and rioting cases shot up.

Cases of murder involving gang attacks and riots were steadily increasing and the police force tightened its noose on the gangs. San Andreas's Secret Society Branch dedicated most of its resources to halt the gang violence and managed in netting in a considerable amount of members. Slowly but surely, the gang violence receded and many members were put in prison.

History Of the Chinese Rascal's

The Chinese Rascal's has predominantly held the territories as mentioned but gang activity has been brought to a standstill as the laws are stricter. The San Andreas Police Force has a better understanding of the gang networks and ample resources to stamp out further violence. The gang situation in San Andreas has been officially described as 'an unorganized network of street corner gangs with no centralized leaders' and the Secret Societies Branch (SSB) of the San Andreas Police Force relentlessly pursues and keeps a staunch vigil against any gang undertones related to any criminal act.

The SSB regularly conducts surprise raids or checks on nightspots and public places known to be gang territories to deter any potential offenders. Anyone found guilty of being a member of an unlawful society may be punished up to a minimum of five years imprisonment and five strokes of the cane. Sentences are usually doubled or even tripled for anyone with significant leadership authority in any unlawful society in San Andreas.

The strict laws serve as a deterrent to potential gang members and has successfully decreased the number of gang-related street fights and attacks although gang-related violence occurs sporadically but remain no cause for alarm in the interest of public safety. The most recent case was when '369' gang members launched a premeditated attack with machetes and other weapons against a rival gang outside a 24/7 convenience store at Central Mall which left a 46-year old rival gang member dead.

The culprits have since been arrested and imprisoned due to the swift action of the authorities. Recent cases of fighting in popular nightspots such as Ministry of Sound and Club Momo have been attributed to '369' gang members but the situation remains under control by law enforcement agencies.

How did it Started ?

Skin IDS

Ranked 1 : 118 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_118

Ranked 2 :240 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_240

Ranked 3 :126 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_126

Ranked 4 :186 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_186

Ranked 5 :126 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_123

Ranked 6 : 296 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_294120The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_120208 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_208

Female :

263 The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Skin_263

Family's Rank

Ranked 1 Blue Lantern
Ranked 2 Grass Sandal
Ranked 3 Paper Fan
Ranked 4 Red Pole
Ranked 5 Fu Shan
Ranked 6 Wansuey


IN Game Infomation

Stats :

The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Sstats10

Whare do i want my Club / HQ to be ? :

The Chinese Rascal's Application Form Club_b10

What interior's For my club i would want to have ? :


1267.663208 -781.323242 1091.906250 5

^^ This Interior , Is Mad Dogs interior. If i could not Use it please tell me. ill look for another Appropriate Interior that is Acceptable

If posible , i would want a Door inside the mad dogg mansion that leads to The roof top , a Meeting room , a Crack lab and Wozzies interior (tell me if you ned the cords ill googleit up)


If you want to join , feel free to check our Forums at " http://www.chineserascal.webs.com " Make sure to register before you can make a Topic ...

This Family , Mafia Has already Been made. But not 100% done in everything ..
The family Rank names Are Adopted From th Black hand triads . I have asked Permision
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The Chinese Rascal's Application Form
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