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 Temple Drive Families Application

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Ace Compton

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Temple Drive Families Application Empty
PostSubject: Temple Drive Families Application   Temple Drive Families Application EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 5:39 am

I know alot of other apps are being posted right now, but if they arent accepted I guarantee you some of those peopel will leave. I will stick around either way, and ive lead this gang twice on 2 different servers.

The Old Hood.
Temple Drive Families Application Ganton2
Everyone thinks ganton in just a place filled with a lot of violence, especially with all the gangs surronding it. But if you actually GO there, youll see none of the heartless killers the media and LSPD portray on your TV’s. Only people who are willing to DIE for what they see is theirs. Is that so wrong? Wanting to protect what you come from, from those who would wish to mess with your way of life? I don’t really think so. A lot of street kids die on Grove Street, running their mouths. These are the ones who didn’t.
Ace' (Hardo)
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-012-5

Ace Compton is a 19 year old gang member running a crack house from his home in Temple. He is the associated "leader" of Temple Drive, and is seen to be very smart with math, and having a lot of resources. He spends a lot of his time Hustlin' crack cocaine and weed to the people on San Andreas streets. He does not have a known female interest, though he does have sex with a lot of women. Ace has served in both Ganton's and Sevilles branches of Grove Street, as well as other groups like N.W.A and the Piru Bloodz'

Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-012
Back in the old days, me and Mal ran shit in grove. We was the best. I was only about 2 years younger than I am now, but so many people left the hood and died, it feels like an Eternity. Let me tell you have Temple Got started.
The Old Turf
Back in the days with CJ and Sweet, them old grandpa ass mofucka’s *laughs* grove Street Fams was all together, with a Ganton branch, a Seville Branch, and A Temple branch. After that nigga Tenpenny started his shit, he wanted grove to be done wth, so he could take over. Luckily, CJ and Sweet stopped em. After that, GSF was kind of weak. They was used to having at least 400 niggaz to ride all the time. Now they had about 50 scared ass lil kids, who had seen they older brothers and sisters get killed over what they started. That’s a lot to hold on a person, and I think that’s why they moved to Liberty City. That’s around they time me and Malachi took up our colors.

Grove didn’t really have anyone to lead them after Sweet And Cj left. Being the loudmouth that I was, I decided to do something, at The time, I didn’t think I was doing anything special. We broke in peoples houses… Smoked weed… Played video games, and fucked some bitches. No big deal right? Well, the niggas appreciated this, letting me step up and play a leadership role.Soon after tho, some Niggas called “East beach playas” or sum shit started showing up at or weed place, claiming they want OUR shit. I shot at em, I guess I started a war. That shit died down quick, as the leader Moved to vice city.But one fight at the skatepark got very exciting. they wanted to chill, and I wasnt with that shit. a big ass shootout unfolded, and we ran them niggas off or turf for good.Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-004-1

I asked the Seville OG’s if I could lead Ganton, but they aint think I was ready. Being I was young, I got pissed and dropped my flag. I then went to the Pirus. I didn’t really like it there either. And truly, I hopped around a lot, but I knew where my home was. After talking with the homies, they decided to let me back in. I worked my way back up, but grove had a new leader. Bob Gupy. Bob hung around with me and Mal, and I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to what he said, but the homies followed him, which was good. Being The dude I was, follow some dude around all puppy eyes, aint seem real appealing to me. So I decided I would try something, I asked Bob if I could bring temple back. Shit, what could I lose? Not that much really. He told me I should wait a little bit. But I planned on doing what I wanted anyway. But as a kind of leaving present, I suggested wwe line up the homies, and go bust some heads, we drove around until we ended up at some white dude named "Cummings" bar. At first we wanted beef, but hey, they had liquor
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-010-2

Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-025

The Meet Up
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-004-2
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-005-2
I called some of the homies down to the HQ. Some nigga name Rudy was talking some mess in a Cluckin' Bell suit, but I made him bounce. Then I asked the homies if they wanted to see what I was up to. They seemed into It, so I drove em down to the Lil Shack I bought down in temple, to put drugs in.
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-006-2
It seemed like they Thought I was a rich ass niga or sum, but I let it ride. I thought I had a set lil crew put up, but they wanted to stay with the ganton OG's, I couldnt fuck with that, either.

Gettin Paid

I dont get why people think getting money in LS is so damn easy. yes you can sell drugs and guns, and they are pretty easy to get, but theres always a chance for someone to fuck you over. I didnt want to be known as one of those people, so I started to get connections. After chillin with a few people, I meet Kazzy, some mexican dude. He posted on Facebook he wanted some crack, which was weird, cuz most people try to hide stuff like that from LSPD. Admiring his boldness, I went to my supplier and Got All I needed. I put the stuff in a case and went to where his homies chilled. There was some other dude fucking some girl when I came in, they looked flustered to see me and my homie Christian. "Who this?" the mexican dude that Wasnt Kazzy asked. "A dude thats got some "Stuff" for me, " Then he looked me up and down. "You do have it, right?" Yea, man, I got it." I said. I tossed him a suitcase, and he handed me 20000$. Then I sat with them and smoked some cigars.Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-005-5

Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-004-4
Bad Days
A few days later, LSPD found out Kazzy had bought the crack, And unfortunately they found who he bought it from. They took us both to jail, but since I wasnt 21, and noone knew how old Kazzy was, we only got held for a few months. We got the same cell, and had fun annoying the shit out of the guards. One day, we took it a bit to far though. Kazzy yelled at the Guard, "PUSSY ASS BITCH!" Pulled out his dick, and started peeing on them. After that, the guard went to his locker, coming back with a big shotgun that shot rubber bullets, He and 2 other guards blasted them at us until we thought wed died. I promised myself Id Never get caught again.Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-0002

Every dog needs a place to lay his head, and bury his bones. But, they also need legs to get from point A to Point B. I was always walking, and with crack, that can be dangerous. I needed a way to get around. So I want to a cheap junkies lot, which looked liek a chop shop, and threw 20000$ dollars on his desk. He looked like Id just sucked him off for the 1st time ever. I just walked away, laughing, with the Keys to my new car.

Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-007-2

Fight Club
I dont know what the fuck I was thinking when I started this, I probably was just bored. but I made a ad in the paper, saying you could get alot of money by coming down to the old hood to fight. Alot of people came, and paid te entry fee. Each fight was to last until the other nigga dropped down. My nigga Tashi, a Ganton OG, wanted to enter, he ended up whooping everyone's ass, which wasnt really suprising, I knew Tashi could fight good. While Tashi was fighting, I ran with the entry fees, Them Niggas chased me down so much, I had to Stash the money, when they caught me, they beat my ass. But NO ONE got a refund.
Temple Drive Families Application Sa-mp-000-4

Here And Now
I aint really got much of a crew, but me and my niggas chill at my crib in Temple. If you see us, we probably rolling at least 4 deep. We cool with the ballas, after a long, LONG, talk with them about turf arrangememnts. I run the crew, but I get some help From Tashi, and Ryan here and then. He basically sell crack.. break into house... sell drugs..

You know, the usual?
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Ace Compton

Posts : 7
Join date : 2012-02-05

Temple Drive Families Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Temple Drive Families Application   Temple Drive Families Application EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 5:40 am

I didnt see an app format, but this is a app btw.
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Ace Compton

Posts : 7
Join date : 2012-02-05

Temple Drive Families Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Temple Drive Families Application   Temple Drive Families Application EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 8:29 am

Where I want HQ to be:

Temple Drive Families Application HQoutside

Temple Drive Families Application HQmapview


r1: lil shotta
r2: Familiar Face
r3: Street Name
r4: Certified Hustla'
r5: Temple G'
r6: Temple OG'

Skins: Basically any grove skin (Including OGloc)
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Temple Drive Families Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Temple Drive Families Application   Temple Drive Families Application Empty

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Temple Drive Families Application
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