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 Hitman Masters Guild ((HMG))

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[url][/url]Hitman Masters Guild ((HMG)) Agencysymbol

A couple of years when i was a Teenager around the age of 16, i thought to myself "I should run a Company" i lived on deciding on what type of company, the thought of a rescue company came up ((CoastGuard)) and the thought of being a Drug Smuggler Came up alot as well, i decided that I shall make a Hitman Agency. The Town of LS needs a New Hitman Team and so i thought i would make the perfect Hitman company, This thought was hidden deep in my mind until finally i hot the age of 20. i left my parents house and i went looking for some Buildings that were in my price range and that would be perfect for my "company". I decided i should have a HQ and a Restraurant ((Cover)). I have thought up some ranks and some Different Things They would do.

Ranks And Vehicles=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Rank 6 - Head Agent - Nick McTavish
Commands - Everything

Rank 5 - Professional Agent
Commands - Can drive Every car, Takes orders from Head Agent ((Nick McTavish))

Rank 4 - Agent
Commands - Can only Drive the Sultan And Stafford And Takes orders form the Higher Ranks

Rank 3 - Reporter
Commands - Can drive only the Stafford And fins out the intell of People That have been contracted

Rank 2 - Driver
Commands - The driver Drives people Around And Takes Orders from all Above Ranks, This Rank does not kill people

Rank 1 - Side Kick
Commands - The side Kick doesn't do much, They sit And Listen and learn from the Best. They Can kill Only if Needed or Demanded to


Limo - The limo Will be White and Only Driven By Rank 2 ((Driver))

Stafford - This car Can be Driven By R2, R5 and R6, This is mostly used by R2

Sultan - This Can be Driven By R2 and Higher

Huntley - This Will only be Driven By R5 and R6

Locations And Pictures-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


Restaurant ((Cover))

CarPark ((Back of the HQ))

Pay Amounts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Rank 6 - Head Agent - $50,000

Rank 5 - Professional Agent - $25,000

Rank 4 - Agent - $10,000

Rank 3 - Reporter - $5,000

Rank 2 - Driver - $1,000

Rank 1 - Side Kick - $1,000
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Hitman Masters Guild ((HMG))
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