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 James Rockfield's Application

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PostSubject: James Rockfield's Application   James Rockfield's Application EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 3:09 am

First name and last name: James Rockfield.

Date of birth: 19/03/1990

Life Biography (minimum of 70 words!): My name is James Rockfield and I was born in Rome, Italy. Rome is a very fine place to grow up, the part of town which I grew up in were a cosy, nice place with a lot of children at my age. I lived with both of my parents. My father's name is Ronaldo Rockfield and my Mom's name is Angelina Rockfield. They were happily married untill I was about six. Now I know this may sound weird because it's not common to happen in Italy, but one day my Mom dissapeared. I have a suspicion that my Mom may have been kidnapped. The main reason for this suspicion is that my Mom would never do anything to hurt me, and she did when she dissapeared. At six I started school, and I believe it was harder for me than for most other children there. I was still suffering from the dissapearance of my Mom, so it took me a while to get over it. I still have a dream that one day I will find her, and finally get to meet her face to face again, give her a nice, warm hug. It's been too long since the last time I saw her. My childhood wasn't so special, which is why I won't tell more about it. At the age of 18, I moved to another city in Italy to start working. The city was called Firenze. I soon realized I didn't want to keep living there, so after a while I moved to Los Santos and I like it alot better here. I started working as a bodyguard as I already had built up some physical strength. I am looking forward to doing something else now. Threfore, I'm hoping to get accepted to the National guard so I could get some more fun in my life.

Why do you wish to be a National Guard member? (minimum of 50 words!): I am looking to make some more money than before. The bodyguard job has not been paying well. I'm not only here for the money though, I like to be social with the people who live here, talking friendly to them, asking how their day was and helping them out from hard situations. just generally having something to do.

Why out of all the other people applying, should i pick you (minimum of 50 words!):I believe that I have something to offer to this faction. Though I have only lived in Los Santos for a while, I do know english good, and I believe I can be answering a lot of emergency calls. I know my way around San Andreas quite well actually, and I believe I would be working alot.

Have you previously been in a Law Enforcement faction?, if so tell me the rank you were and how long you did this for: I haven't been in one yet in this town, but in the old town i was in the army, under a division called special forces. and some other police jobs that i can't tell right now.
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James Rockfield's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: James Rockfield's Application   James Rockfield's Application EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 3:22 am

I'm proud to inform you that your application was ACCEPTED

Please follow the steps below

Please wait for the General to contact you
At any time of these steps DO NOT contact the General'

Thank you.


Chief Advisor (Past)

General of National Guard (Current)

Bad Boy Society Leader (Current)

Server Moderator (Current)
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James Rockfield's Application
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