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 Yakuza Maffia - APPLICATION !!!

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Karl Nurmik

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Yakuza Maffia - APPLICATION !!! Empty
PostSubject: Yakuza Maffia - APPLICATION !!!   Yakuza Maffia - APPLICATION !!! EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 12:38 am



Karl, Karl Nurmik was destined for great things in his life. As a toddler, the age of 4 he was already talking Japanese. He was quite an achievement by his parents. Raised and born in Kobe, Japan. Karl attended school, college and then graduated with his Bachelor in Arts. From there, it was the revolution of technology in Japan. Mobile phones, Computers and automobiles were excelling. This was quite an exciting for a young Karl, as he one day aspired to own such assets. Karl from there, got into and excelled in an Arts career, working as an individual artist. From that job alone, he learned lessons that cannot be caught, such as, respect, honor and integrity. He was wise. As the days and years past, so did many friends and eventually his parents. A decorated funeral was held and Karl gave the speech of his life with all emotion held. After the funeral, Raiden inherited his fathers small sushi bar down the streets of Kobe. At the age 20, Karl worked full-time as the owner of "Kazuma's Sushi Bar" and if he could, squeeze in a few hours of his passion, painting. It was the year of 1960, and civil disputes were arising on other sides of the globe. The U.S were claiming that Japan had nuclear weapons and wanted to implement troops into Japan. The Japan economy was in recession, jobs were lost, salaries were cut and Karl eventually had to sell the Sushi Bar to make ends meet. After many words being said back and forth, the U.S decided to implement its troops into North Japan. There main mission was to take down the terrorist organizations and the guerrillas supposedly having weapons of mass destruction. The Japanese government, a true and strong body, stuck to their pride and gathered troops from Tokyo Japan. Back then, being a 20 year old and forced into the army was a normal thing. Karl was eventually found by the Army and forced to fight for his country. He received the most basic raining ever given. Karl was basically thrown onto his own home streets, which was now a torn battlefield. 20 years has past, an exhausting and devastating war had slowly ended. The U.S were slowly withdrawing his troops. After seeing his friends spill blood right in front of him, seeing children and women being raped and killed. Karl had changed his whole view on the life he lived. After a treaty was signed by both countries, the war had ended and Japan had to pick up the pieces left behind by the bombs, mines, air strikes and bullets. As most Japanese people did then, and Asia as a continent, he fled for the great land of opportunity on a small boat. Arriving at the San Fierro Docks, successfully received his green card. He hailed a taxi and entered Los Santos. With little money, Karl resided in Jefferson Motel and worked at the local grocery store, called the 24/7. A wise man, Raiden eventually had enough savings to run his own business right near Jefferson. Focusing on Japanese artifacts including samurais and ninja stars. Drug dealing and using was evident around the area, as residents were dealing right in front of him, as if it was a public park. From there, Karl’s business grew into a thriving store for Japanese history admirers. Karl had no real family. With nothing left to lose, Karl used his business as a "legal" front for not so legal activities, behind closed doors.


Like real Japanese mafia. We are sacred to our beliefs and rituals. We are all "sworn brothers". Money will be earnt through the business all around Los Santos. Money will be also earnt, obviously through deals made and extortion. Jobs, which will likely not be put on forums for now, are going to be assigned to lower ranks as everyday duties. We will be performing most of our RP, behind closed doors. Such as rituals and talking about business matters. We are not going to reveal too much of our illegal activities but you could expect everything from extortion, kidnapping and consultance to illegal races, bribery and murder. Of course until we can involve in all these domains we need to gain more members and power. Higher ranks will be behind closed doors whereas the lower ranks are at the frontline doing their jobs/duties. Sacred rituals such as promotions, punishments for disobedience will be performed regularly. Our main goal is to create power and enforce it within the city of Los Santos. You might not see us physically, but you will eventually see our powers. We decided to call our legal half of the faction ".... Entertainment". Besides the club we are currently owning we are looking forward to expand to other domains such as insurances or deliveries. Anyhow, for any further information's on the ".... Entertainment" feel free to look for us In-Game.


rank 6: Maffia boss
rank 5: right-hand
rank 4: left-hand
rank 3: brother
rank 2: amature
rank 1: new guy


294, leader only



1. Never talk about the affairs/activities outside the Yakuza. Not even to your family members.
2. Do not even think about snitching on the Yakuza to Police or outsiders.
3. When your in, your in for life. You only leave in a casket in a hearse.
4. Show utmost respect to the Oyabun and Kobun. In general, show all higher ranks respect.
5. Do what is asked of you by higher ranks, whether it'll be tasks or jobs.
6. Always try and uphold a professional manner when in public.
7. Only kill unless we're being killed.
8. Respect the "sworn brothers" from other groups/gangs/mafias.
9. We are to be known as the "family", nothing more, nothing less.
10. Do not ever be alone, be accompanied by a trusted brother
11. Do not start unwanted trouble at all.

u can join with me only in-game talking IC
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Yakuza Maffia - APPLICATION !!!
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