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PostSubject: Las Venturas POLICE DEPARTAMENT   Las Venturas POLICE DEPARTAMENT EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 9:13 pm

Recruitment Information

Las Venturas Police Department.

Las Venturas Police Departament,was opened now 16 years ago.You ask,what is this Departament doing.I will tell you what is he doing,he is cleaning out streets from gangbangers,mobsters,drugs,prostitusion and other and dangerous stuffs.Me and my mens can make your city a better place to live.This Departament,Faction,how you want to call it its opened 24/7 hours.We are not sleeping,we are here to help out citizes to have a better life.Trust me this Departament is the best.

Past Chiefs of L.V.P.D.

*How can I become a recruit?
Entry requirements to become a recruit for L.V.P.D. are:

1) LVPD application
2) Citizen of Las Venturas
3) Follow the constitution of Extream Roleplay and the LVPD Protocol (protocol is comming soon)
4) Age limit (20-42) (IC age)
5) Legal Citizenship (( to have passport and driver license Roleplay ))


Our training system is very hard,1 of 10 people can pass it.Our training is mixed with the ARMY,SWAT,CIA and FBI training.So if you want to become an officer you must prepare for our training plus we will do training into the ocean.Our people must know what are they gonna face if they will become an L.V.P.D.Everybody is safe at the trainings,nobebody died or was seriously injured.If you want to know more about the training,join our comunity.

*What's like to be a police Officer for L.V.P.D.???

If you are an L.V.P.D you must be pround.Why you must be proud,because this is not just a simple police departament,its the best that you ever seen.We save the United States President,we stopped a terrorist for blowing up four buildings.But to be a member of our departament isn't so simple.You must make some tests.Running,shooting,speed,imformations tests,army traing plus swat traing.Why its so hard?because we are not accepting people that are takeing this job as a joke.No,we want serious memebers,that want to protect their country.This is the life as a L.V.P.D.


• Las Venturas Police Department Official Handbook •

1.List of Table Contents:

1.Protect and Serve.
2.LVPD Commands.
3.LVPD Vehicles & Usage.
4. Uniforms.
5.Officers Gear.
6. Patrolling.
7.Chain of Commands.
8.Radio Codes.
9. Fines & Charges.
10.Internal Affairs.
11. Police Corruption.
12. Important Message.
13.Weekly Payment.
14. Divisions Leaders.

2.LVPD Commands

Use this feature to speak in the Las Venturas Police Department radio.

Department Radio Chat
Use this feature to speak in the Departments radio, Speaking OOCly is kinda prohibited.

Use this feature to speak in the Megaphone so far players can hear you well, from a far distance.

Mobile Data Computer[MDC]
Use this feature after inserting the desired username and password to plate search, name search, warrant charges, check the latest 911 call and respond, request EMS and call for a backup as well.

Use this feature to open the Police Department gates.

Use this feature to ticket players.

Use this feature to arrest criminals and let them serve their time in jail.

Use this feature to see what a player is holding/carrying.
Take Items
Use this feature to take the suspect’s illegal items away.

Use this feature to taze a running suspect from a semi-far distance so you can be able to /cuff him/her.

Use this feature to put a pair of cuffs on the suspect’s hands, so he won’t be able to escape.

Use this feature to get the suspect in your vehicle.

Deploy Spikes
/deletespikes to delete them.
Use this feature to deploy spikes.

Deploying Blockades
/crb Use this feature to deploy sorts of road blockades & signs.
/rrb[all] to remove the deployed blockades.

4. Gear

Officer I – Officer III Gear:
- Night stick.
- Tazer.
- Mace.
- Desert Eagle.
- Shotgun.
- Mp5.

Detective I – Detective III Gear:
- Night stick.
- Tazer.
- Mace.
- Desert Eagle.
- M4.
- Mp5.
- Shotgun.

Sergeant I Gear:
- Night stick.
- Tazer.
- Mace.
- Desert Eagle.
- Shotgun
- Sniper ( situations only ).
- Spas12 ( situations only ).
- Mp5.
- M4.

Lieutenant – Deputy Chief Gear:
- Night stick.
- Tazer.
- Mace.
- Desert Eagle.
- Shotgun.
- M4.
- Mp5.
- Spas12.
- Sniper ( situations only ).
- Grenades & Tear Gas ( situations only ).

Chief of Police Gear:
- Night stick.
- Tazer.
- Mace.
- Desert Eagle.
- Mp5.
- M4.
- Spas12.
- Shotgun.
- Sniper.
- Grenades & Tear Gas ( situations only ).

5. Patrolling
Officer I aka Cadet isn’t allowed to patrol alone, He/She has to get a patrolling partner duration a patrol, If you have been ignored by other officers while asking for a partner, You can complain it to a high command.

6.Chain of Command
If you are a cadet who thinks he knows everything about the PD, then you gotta know that you don’t know everything, you are here, in your position to obtain a better position.
A little message to the Cadets;

1. Cadets are not allowed to patrol alone also, Once you are available to patrol, call for a partner via the Radio, /r, one will come with you, because none is allowed to ignore cadets.
2. Cadets can’t wear any uniform you want, only the desired uniform.
3. Do not disrespect any other LEO.
4. Cadets can’t go off-duty, besides it’s urgent, or they have a reason.
5. Cadets can’t use the Department’s radio, /d.
6. Cadets should read this handbook, onetime they will be tested and checked, if you haven’t read it, you better do it, or you’re out.
7. If a High Command gives you an order, you gotta comply to it, If you don’t obey / comply, You’ll get an IA strike within the PD.
8. Courtesy

7.Radio Codes

10-1 Meet at
10-2 Weak signal, repeat
10-3 Stop transmitting, shut up
10-4 Acknowledged
10-7 On Duty
10-8 Off Duty
10-10 Out of Service
10-11 Talk Slower
10-12 Visitors Present
10-14 Pick up Officer
10-15 Enroute With Prisoner
10-16 Pick Up Prisoner
10-17 Pick Up Document
10-20 Location
10-23 Stand-By
10-24 Trouble at Station
10-27 Check Driver's License
10-34 Resume Normal Broadcast
10-35 Confidential Information
10-36 Correct Time
10-37 Name of Operator
10-39 Message Delivered
10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle
10-86 Traffic Check
10-97 Arriving On Scene
10-98 Assignment Complete
10-99 Emergency under control. Return to duties

Status 1 – Off duty
Status 2 – On duty
Status 3 – Going on a break
Status 4 – Patrolling - available for calls
Status 5 – Responding without light & sirens
Status 5e – Responding with lights & sirens
Status 6 – I am on scene (target location)

IC1 – White
IC2 – Black
IC3 – Latino
IC4 – Middle Eastern
IC5 – Asian
IC6 – Unknown

Code 0 – All units drop what you're doing and attend immediately.
Code 1 – Non-Emergency – deal with it first.
Code 2 – Non-Emergency – leave it keep responding.
Code 3 – Emergency – Respond with lights and sirens.
Code 4 – All SWAT personnel report in [Location].
Code 5 – Situation is under control.

AC - Aircraft Crash
BT - Bomb Threat
PR - Person Reporting
RD - Reporting District
TC - Traffic Collision

8.Fines & Charges

Indecent Exposure: 4 jail-minutes.
Verbal Assault: $1000 fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Illegal Parking: $1250 Fine.
Parking on government property: $2000 Fine.
FCC Violation: $25000 fine & 7 jail-minutes.
Reckless Driving: $7500 fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Illegal Racing: $10000 fine & 7 jail-minutes.
Trespassing: $500 Fine.
Misuse of 911: $3000 Fine & 2 jail-minutes.
Possession of Illegal Firearm(s): $15000 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Failure to Comply: $8500 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Evading: $5000 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Grand Theft Auto: $15000 Fine & 10 jail-minutes.
Sexual Lure: $5000 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Driving Under the Influence: $2500 Fine & Driving License taken away.
Possession of Illegal Narcotics: $10000 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Attempted Murder: $7500 Fine & 10 jail-minutes.
Kidnapping: $25000 Fine & 10 jail-minutes.
Robbery: $20000 Fine & 10 jail-minutes.
Rape: $15000 Fine & 5 jail-minutes.
Trafficking: $15000 Fine & 10 jail-minutes.
Hostage Taking: Directly sent to LS Prison.

1.You are not allowed to shoot from the beginning of the pursuit, unless the driver doesn’t comply in 5minutes.
2. Once you’re in a high speed pursuit, you may request backup using the CMD of it, /bk, If everything is going okay and you feel that you’re no longer in need of backup, /bkc.

If an/a Officer I aka Cadet requests backup, you are not allowed to ignore him.

9.Internal Affairs

[ X ] - Going undercover without permission.
[ X ] - Recklessly driving.
[ X ] - Patrolling alone when a Cadet needs a partner, ignoring a cadet while asking for a patrol partner.
[ X ] - Using /d while being not authorized.
[ X ] - Going off duty without seeking permission.
[ X ] – Stealing vehicles.

[ XX ] – Verbally assault on a citizen.
[ XX ] – Insulting a LEO.
[ XX ] – Releasing / Clearing a suspicious personnel without having a permission.
[ XX ] – Carrying illegal items.
[ XX ] – Randomly parking any sort of vehicles.
[ XX ] – Doing your duty duration being under the influence.

[ XXX ] – Abusing.
[ XXX ]– Using a firearm you’re unable to use.

[ XXXXX ] - Corruption. (will simply result in a faction kick-out)

Five(5) Strikes = Instant kick out.

10.The Miranda Rights

You have the right to remain silent.
Any thing you say and do may and will be used against you in the court.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can’t afford one, one will be appointed.
Do you understand your rights as I have said them?

If NO, he will have to get a lawyer by himself and has to suffer the consequences.
If YES, continue arresting him as normal.

Make an AutoHotKey script for them, as long as you have to say them once arresting an individual.

Download AHK:
( www.autohotkey.com )

11. Police Corruption

Police corruption is a specific form of police misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits, other personal gain, or career advancement for a police officer or officers in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest.
One common form of police corruption is soliciting or accepting bribes in exchange for not reporting organized drug or prostitution rings or other illegal activities. Another example is police officers flouting the police code of conduct in order to secure convictions of suspects — for example, through the use of falsified evidence. More rarely, police officers may deliberately and systematically participate in organized crime themselves.
In most major cities there are internal affairs sections to investigate suspected police corruption or misconduct. Similar entities include the British Independent Police Complaints Commission.

12.Weekly Payment
$20,000 per each rank, that’s it.

Notice: You will not receive a paycheck if you are not doing your job correctly, Work hard, gain more.
Notice: If you haven’t received a paycheck after one week, there should be a problem issued, so wait for the next week to receive a new paycheck, - You’ll not be given the cash which you haven’t received of the last week.

Skin ID:71

Police Officer 1
Skin ID:281

Police Officer 2
Skin ID:266

Skin ID:282

Commander, Captain & Lieutenants
Skin ID:283

Chief & Deputy Chief
Skind ID:288

Faction Leader
Skind ID:295
Skind ID:290





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PostSubject: Re: Las Venturas POLICE DEPARTAMENT   Las Venturas POLICE DEPARTAMENT EmptyMon Mar 19, 2012 7:33 am

Factions are set up so that they control a area, for example the SFPD control San Feirro, the LSPD control Los Santos and well the SAPD control all of San Andreas, so you see, there being no Liberty City and all you cant really make that faction, just pointing that out, but it was a great application by the way.


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