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 Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks

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PostSubject: Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks   Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks EmptyMon Mar 19, 2012 8:19 am


How it started: Well, I was attempting to rob the FBI agent, Amy McBride or whatever her name is and then Jae comes along, pulls his gun out of his ass.... so as I am firing at the two L.E.O's I make a run for it, and hop on my bike and make an attempt to escape, Jae Madducks then NonRPly steals my bike as I am riding off and then jumps off and begins to chase me, I confronted Jae about this and he says I didn't RP attempting to run away? The only time you need to RP running away is when you are unarmed and have a gun aimed at you, or in a bad situation, I feel as if Jae was in the wrong and I hope admins are cautious and watch out for him in further results.
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks   Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks EmptyMon Mar 19, 2012 8:57 am

First off i have to say that before i rped getting out my gun i accedently alt tabbed this meant that i left Amy and you standing there and me just dazing at you, i think its logic that i quickly bring up my rp before something happens (and i obveriouly joked about the "usally yes" if you ss'ed it a bit later you would of seen that i say "lol jks", that is when i re did the rp if you kind to look into the logs its all there).Secondly you dont show you chicken running the whole situation, you ran between me and amy 10 times and around and around in circles, i could of jailed you on the spot.Thirdly you acused me of "NJ" Otherwise known as Ninja Jacking, if you would of known what it was then you dident have to get all up in my face acusing me of "ninja jacking", that is where a person bugs the game and kills the person in the vehicle, from previous RP experience i am very familiar with this bug and i happen to know that you cannot Ninja Jack someone on a Bike.Lastly due to lag i dident mean to jack you off your bike, you saw my character it was heading towards the car, but when i "entered or f'ed" it quickly sent me the other way, im sure all people have experienced this, for that i do apologize, but to be honest you dident really "confront" me you just /pm'ed about 5 times saying what i did, i dident really get much say in the matter.


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Complaint Aganst Jae Madducks
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