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 Niels Freemann application for vice minister

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PostSubject: Niels Freemann application for vice minister   Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:13 am

Basic information about yourself((ICLY))

Full Name:



Date of birth:

Current job:

Phone number:

A copy of your licenses

Im from Denmark, but moved to Los Santos when i was 13 years old.

How many years have you spent in Los Santos?((IG-Level)):
12 allmost 13 years

Have you commited any crimes, If yes write them below:
I have some small crimes, i had some illigal weapons on me, because some guy kidnapped my friend, and some other crimes.

Your biography (Minimum of 450 words), also say why you want to join SENATE in two or three sentences :
My name is Niels Brown i am 21 years old and i moved to Los Santos when i was 13 years old. I lives at the Marked in a small office.
I came to Los Santos because we where hunted by some Gorillas from Copenhagen, they thougth my brother Brian Shaft owed them money, so we had to move.
Now i lives for my self, because of by brother, he got in some real trubble and got my Mother killed, so its only me now because i dont want to know my brother eny more,because of what he did, he ruined the family. I dont have eny thing left beside my job and my car, because my father is all so dead, bu he got a heard attack. eny ways, when i reached 19 years old, i joined the Los Santos Police Force, i was a cop for one year, and i got a injury because of a bank robbery.
I got shot in the arm, so i could´nt be in the Police Force eny more.
So now, im a Bartender at the Cummings building, where i makes the best driks, and have the best service after my view.
But now after two years out of service, i am wondering if i could do some service for the city again, and thats why in making this application to the Government, im willing to do everything that it takes, to get hired, im a loyal person, that knows that i am doing, i am good at people and to have orders in my papers, i dont have much knolege about what you are doing at the Government, except making rules and things that keep Los Santos staying.
I will do my duty as a loyal citizen in this great city, for making it a safe place to live, and make alot of good choices.
I dont care about my position i just want to be apart for a great job as in the Government.
In my spare time, when im not working, i got a little shop across my house, where i am rebuilding a old Ford Mustang from the 1960´s, i am building from the bottum, every part,except the bodywork.
I am a real car lover, if you want to hire my as a Mechanic its good to, because i really loves to get my hands dirty.
But this is my biggest dreame, of being apart of The Government.

Write about your aim in Government?
My aims in the Gevernment is keep the city staying safe and clean from different peoples, that dont know what it is like to be a good citizen, i want to make some good rules that are making Los Santos staying in a good light.
I am good at Math and knows how a calculator works, and with that i want to give the citizens the right taxes so they are feeling good, and not feeling like the Government wants to take all their money from them.

OOC information about yourself

How old are you:

Whats your timezone:
GTM +1

Are you specializing in such things in some way:
i am good at math, and have a lot of Government work at my school, so knowes a bit, but can allways learn more.

Do you have teamspeak:
yes i do, and with the last update.

Do you have a Mic that works:
yes ofcurse
I, [Niels Brown] have read the rules of the Los Santos Government and I fully understand them. I will follow the rules and I am aware of the duty to obey. I will work for the benefit of the citizens of Los Santos.


((sorry if there misses something, my keyboard is not working well right now, but tell me if i needs to fill something more out, thanks))
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Posts : 4
Join date : 2012-03-27
Age : 23
Location : Denmark

PostSubject: Re: Niels Freemann application for vice minister   Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:01 pm

((can someone please answer, i know im level 1 ig, but look at my stats from sarp, im a high skilled player and great at rp))
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Niels Freemann application for vice minister
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