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 Server still up ?

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Server still up ? Empty
PostSubject: Server still up ?   Server still up ? EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 12:28 am

Is this server still up ?
And btw a little about my self.

My name is Leo and I am 15 years old, I am most for strict role play servers with strict admins and strict rules, I hate when newbies is crashing role play. I love females and games. I basically don't like such much of sports, but I am going to gym each week. I live in Sweden and I love to help people who is in need of assistance, I was earlier helper on another server and was hired quite fast on another server, I have very good experience towards the position of helping and making communities to a good place for people. I love Old School hip hop / rap, Hard Core rock and small times of blues.

My favorite artist of rap is Ice T, Schooly D and Too $hort.
My favorite band of rock is Rage Against the Machine, Slash and AC/DC.
My favorite Blues Artist is Muddy Waters & Little Richard.
My favorite movie is : American Gangster, Menace II Society, Blood in Blood out, Boyz'n'tha hood.

I love both Role Play role as Police Department, Mafia and Gangster.

You can follow me on Steam and facebook also /\ Gmail.
pe4nutt@gmail.com - Gmail.
Leo Svantesson - Facebook.
Storm@Rhyme - Steam.
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Server still up ?
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