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 please unban me

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PostSubject: please unban me    Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:57 pm

What your ip?
When were you banned? i don't remember the date xD
Why were you banned? because there was very much lag and mccuff was specing me and my car flipped over and the ping was about 300-400 and my car flipped over again in the right position and mccuff banned me thinking i was hacking but i was not so please unban me
Name of the person who banned you: McCuff
What were you doing when you were banned? i explained in the 3rd question
Screenshot if you have it: i don't have sry :/
in game name (i added this by my self sry) : Bobi_Zdravevski
and i was gold vip level if it something means to you Razz
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please unban me
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