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corona x13 Gang_l14

The term "Sureños" means Southerner in Spanish. Even though Sureños were established in 1968, the term was not used until the 1970s as a result of the continued conflict between the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia in California's prison system. As a result of these prison wars, all Hispanic California street gangs align themselves with the Sureño or Norteño movement with very few exceptions such as the Fresno Bulldogs and the Maravilla gangs of East Los Angeles. When a Sureño is asked what being a Sureño means, gang members, without exception, answer, "A Sureño is a foot soldier for the Mexican Mafia".

Sureños use the number 13 which represents the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, the letter M, in order to pay allegiance to the Mexican Mafia. Common Sureño gang markings and tattoos include, but are not limited to: Sur, XIII, X3, 13, Sur13, uno tres, trece and 3-dots. Although there are many tattoos used by Surenos, there is only one tattoo that proves or validates membership. The word Sureno or Surena must be earned and can never be taken for granted. In many parts of the country they will identify themselves with the color blue and gray and include wearing sports clothing from teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings (on occasions), Los Angeles Lakers, San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, San Jose Sharks and Atlanta Braves. Most Sureños are of Hispanic descent, but some Sureño gangs allow members from various other ethnic backgrounds to join their ranks making Sureños multiethnic.
The most important things that all Sureños must live by is respect and loyalty. These traits are highly valued and anything seen as a violation can result in lethal retaliation. Although what is heard in the news is only violence perpetuated by criminal street gangs, most of the time gang members are not engaged in criminal activity. Many social street gangs have infamous reputations, but spend most of their time socializing with other members of their gang and do not actually engage in daily criminal acts. Sureños in Northern California call themselves Upstate Sureños while ones in the valley call themselves Central Valley Sureños. All Sureno gangs have their own names usually a reflection of their neighborhood or city such as Southside Beaumont 13, El Monte Flores or Eastside Paramount 13 or some other name chosen by the people that founded the gang.

corona x13 stands for the place called corona in gta sa so we are the corona surenos.

corona x13 Surenos1_zps5487d8ee

skins link:

mediafire.com ?jziwxzqyjgd

skin ids:

12(f), 15(m), 41(f), 48(m), 92(f), 114(m), 115(m), 116(m), 173(M), 174(M), 175(M), 292(m), 298(f)

tinys (peweys): brand new members to the gang they usually put in most of the work

midgets: a regular member of the gang

socios: ogs.

jefes: leaders

Membership is for life, meaning "blood in, blood out."

Every member must be prepared to sacrifice his life or take another's life at any time when required

Every member shall strive to overcome his weakness to achieve discipline within the Sureño brotherhood

Never let the Sureños down

The sponsoring member is totally responsible for the behavior of the new recruit. If the new recruit turns out to be a traitor, it is the sponsoring member's responsibility to eliminate the recruit

When disrespected by a stranger or a group, all members of the Sureños will unite to destroy the person or the other group completely

Always maintain a high level of integrity

Never release the Sureños business to others

Every member has the right to express opinions, ideas, contradictions and constructive criticisms

Every member has the right to organize, educate, arm, and defend the Sureños

The Sureños is a criminal organization and therefore will participate in all aspects of criminal interest for monetary benefits (Constitution of the Sureños 13).
The Sureños operate on a paramilitary structure, complete with a president, vice president, and numerous generals, captains, lieutenants and sergeants.

OTHER: You cannot act without the boss's consent - You cannot kill without reason, cannot talk to the police, cannot skip gang meetings, nor can you leave the gang. We have a no tolerance for gang members who drop out.

Anyone who adds or takes away from this COMMANDMENTS without permission will be considered a traitor of the Surenos and will be dealt with as so. You will be "check courting", you will be savagely beaten for violation of our rules.

the only way to join is to rp with us in server.

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