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 The Corleone Family

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The Corleone Family Empty
PostSubject: The Corleone Family   The Corleone Family EmptyThu Mar 21, 2013 2:27 pm

Introduction :The Corleone Family has alot of history, their Don, Vito Corleone died in 1920 when he died another Don became promoted, his name was Michael Corleone, Michael Corleone managed to save the mafia from enemies like Cuneo, Tattaglia and so on. Corleone recently moved in to Los Santos, they are new but soon they will build their name.

Skins: The skins will be 124-127, 113, 240, 171. You will be assigned your own skin depending on your rank.

Ranks: Don, Consiguler, Underboss, Capo, Mademan, Soilder, Associates.
Don is the leader of the Mafia, the Consiguler will be the right hand man of the Don, the Underboss will lead when the Don and Consiguler is not online, Capo is a Captain who will be assigned his own crew of Mademen and Soilders, Mademen are recruits of the Capo, they are more trusted by the Capo then the Soilders, Soilders are the men who are in training but are also assinged to a crew, Associates are people who are not yet in the Mafia, and are building their trust.
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The Corleone Family
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