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 Introduction to the Fdsa.

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Introduction to the Fdsa. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to the Fdsa.   Introduction to the Fdsa. EmptyThu Jan 05, 2012 2:57 pm

Hey guys, I am Chief of Fdsa([Kevin Takeshi) This is my first post and i would like to talk about the things you do when you become Fdsa Twisted Evil

Fdsa Introduction: (Here comes my dramatic moment people Very Happy)
.You save people lives as a Paramedic or Fire fighter, It depends what's your situation as these two classes.
. As a fire Fighter you obviously fight the flames with the power of your Fire Hose attached to the Fire truck. lol! You also be assigned to save citizens in a Fire Situation because You are the Fire Hero who Conquers the Flames to bring Justice to San Andreas!!

. As a Paramedic, You rescue the lives of the patient lying on the streets, Give them support and First Aid and Load them in the Stretcher and straight to the Hospital cheers The people's lives are crucial and dangerous, That's why.... You are Given the power of Life, to Save as many people you can!! You are the Angel who gives Citizen one more chance of Living!! You have a important Role to San Andreas, So make people live a happy life :3
Furthermore details? JOIN US TODAY to experience a lifetime of Rescuing service! Very Happy

cheers This is Kevin Takeshi and Goodbye. cheers
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Introduction to the Fdsa.
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