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 Application Guide Lines

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PostSubject: Application Guide Lines   Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:04 am

San Andreas Sheriff's Department

Welcome to the San Andreas Sheriff's Department recruitment section. If you're interested in joining the SASD, keep on reading! As the state's finest law enforcement agency, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department aims to protect and serve the State of San Andreas and enforce law and order in all cities and highways across the state.

Recruitment process:
The recruitment process of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department consists of the application stage followed by the Academy, which includes an evaluation stage (interview and fitness evaluation), a training stage and an examination stage (written exam). Only if all these stages are passed successfully, you can become a member of the department.
(( Except for a quick TeamSpeak 3 check, the entire Academy program is in character. If you are not looking to role-play properly, do not apply. ))

An applicant must:
Be a citizen of the United States.
Be at least 21 years of age.
Possess a valid driver's license.
Be able to speak and write English.
Have high school diploma or GED (preferably college education).
Have a clean criminal/arrest record.
Be physically, medically and mentally fit.

(( OOC, an applicant must:
Be able to speak and write English.
Have at least one character with level 3 or above.
Know how to provide detailed role-play.
Have (a) satisfying admin record(s).
Use their SASD character as main character.
Be able to use TeamSpeak 3. )) (( NO TS At the Moment ))
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Application Guide Lines
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