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 LSPD Handbook

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PostSubject: LSPD Handbook   Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:39 am

Los Santos Police Department

Hello everyone and Thank you for choosing LSPD

This is Your sheriff, Leon K Kingston and I will be telling You how to Survive your LSPD Training and Ride along

This is all you will need to know for Your training.

Radio codes and communication through radio

10-1 – Transmitting poorly
10-2 – Transmitting clearly
10-3 – Stop transmitting
10-4 – Message received (not yes, it means that you heard the message)
10-6 – Off Duty but in for emergency calls (for paperwork and personal matters)
10-7 – Off Duty, not in for emergency calls ((In Game but Off Duty))
10-8 – On Duty, responding to calls
10-9 – Repeat Message
10-10 – Off Duty, ((Out of game))
10-15 – Male in Custody
10-15f – Female in Custody
10-19 – Return to Station / Returning to Station
10-21 – Phone Call
10-20 – Your Position At the moment.
10-22 – Disregard Last Message
10-26 – Traffic Stop
10-26a – High Risk Traffic Stop (need backup, traffic stop at gunpoint)
10-28 – Vehicle Registration Check
10-29 – Wants/Warrant Check
10-76 – Enroute to [Location]
10-80 - Pursuit in Progress, move all non essential radio traffic to channel 2 ((/r))
10-87 – Meet Officer [Location]
10-85 - Arrived in Area (Area Check)
10-88 – Request Cover Unit (Used on traffic stops)
10-97 – Arrived at Scene
10-98 - All units on call clear and go 10-8
10-99 - End of Situations

11-10 – Take a Report
11-29 – Clear Record/No Want
11-41 – Ambulance Needed
11-44 – Coroners Case – Dead on Floor
11-45 – Suicide
11-46 – Death
11-47 – Injured Person
11-48 – Provide Transportation
11-51 – Pedestrian Stop
11-52 – Status Check
11-53 – Security Check
11-80 – Accident, Serious Injury
11-81 – Accident, Minor Injury
11-82 – Accident, Property Damage Only
11-83 – Accident, No Details
11-99 – Need backup its Emergency

Status Codes
Code 0 - ((Game Crash))
Code 1 – Routine Response Type (Not a Priority)
Code 2 – Urgent Response Type (Lights and Sirens at Intersections)
Code 3 – Emergency Response Type (Lights and Sirens)
Code 4 – No Further Assistance Needed/Enough Officer on Scene
Code 5 – Stakeout
Code 6 – Marked Units Remain Clear of the Area
Code 7 – Meal Break
Code 33 - Radio Silence for an Emergency Situation

You will need to Study Those codes to Pass your Ride Along.

Also. Now that You have your Codes. The Weapons

Corporals: Nite Stick, Mace, Desert Eagle, Mp5, Shotgun, M4 You can only use with Permission of Your Higher Partner, And Rifle

All of the Other Ranks May use ALL of the Weapons except the Smoke Grenade.

You have to use Your Proper Skin at ALL times except if You are going Detective.

Remember that when Making an Application, we will Check your Records. So don't Lie.

All of the Divisions Include, Detective's Division, (( Named " II " In game ))
There is SWAT, who will take The toughest things on the Force and will Handle the most severe Cases.
There is FTO, or Field Training Officers, who will Accept And/or Deny applicants and go through they're ride along's with them, and complete they're training's.
And AI, Or Internal Affairs witch Looks at the Department from Within and Attempts to seek any corrupt officers on out department

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PostSubject: Heyy Sexyyy   Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:47 am

Your a Good Chief Leon, This was needed Thanks for the HeadsUp!!
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PostSubject: Re: LSPD Handbook   Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:17 pm

great work ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: LSPD Handbook   Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:50 pm

Well seeing as all LEO's are connect i used the codes you have too, so that we all understand what to do if someone uses this type of codes, i advise that all LEO's have a handbook with these codes inside. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Thanks!   Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:12 pm

Thank You everyone, I have looked at Other, You know. Factions and i have seen that None of 'em had Any and LSPD needed some so, You know my time to make At least One faction Use ALL Codes. because The other Factions Used only 10-4 or 10-20.
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PostSubject: Re: LSPD Handbook   

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LSPD Handbook
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