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 National Guard Application Format.

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National Guard Application Format. Empty
PostSubject: National Guard Application Format.   National Guard Application Format. EmptyThu Jan 19, 2012 2:32 pm

National Guard

Welcome to the National Guard's Application format page.
This page will show you the format in which you will need to post a Applicationin.

Rules that must be followed.

NO asking for help from other people!
NO copying of other peoples applications!
NO trolling (If so you may be banned!)
NO bribes towards me or anyone in this faction to invite you!
If these rules are not followed you will be faction banned and maybe even banned off the forums.


First name and last name:

Date of birth:

Life Biography (minimum of 70 words!):

Why do you wish to be a National Guard member? (minimum of 50 words!):

Why out of all the other people applying, should i pick you (minimum of 50 words!):

Have you previously been in a Law Enforcement faction?, if so tell me the rank you were and how long you did this for:

Out of character information:

Screen Shot of stats (view http://extremerp.forumotion.com/t72-how-to-post-a-screen-shot-of-your-stats#152):

Good luck guys!
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National Guard Application Format.
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