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 When to Pull the trigger? Vote

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When to Pull the trigger?  Vote Empty
PostSubject: When to Pull the trigger? Vote   When to Pull the trigger?  Vote EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 3:56 am

Well, we had some good discussion, and as far as i can tell, no one knows the answer. So i am looking for the communities input!

When is it ok to pull the trigger in a RP situation. When are you not going to get yelled at by everyone, and at what point does the Admins have the right to kick/ban you. Also, do they have the right to say you where Deathmatching.. Post your comments in a reply.

My thoughts if anyone is interested are as follows: I see it as, if you see, visually see someone elses weapon, as well as if you see someone do any sort of /me "pulls weapon", /me "Is locked and loaded, click clack, click click". All those are triggers in my mind, that at any moment, the other guy is about ready to pull the trigger and shoot me. At those moments is when i am at my breaking point, and we all have been their, do you want to wait for the other guy to shoot you in the head, or do you want to get the jump on him.

I ALWAYS follow the Use of Leathal Force Rule. Here is the US Version.

Deadly force, as defined by the United States Armed Forces, is the force which a person uses, causing—or that a person knows, or should know, would create a substantial risk of causing—death or serious bodily harm. In most jurisdictions, the use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.

Firearms, bladed weapons, explosives, and vehicles are among those weapons the use of which is considered deadly force. The use of non-weapons in an aggressive manner, such as a baseball bat or tire iron, may also be considered deadly force.

"Use of deadly force" is often granted to police forces when the person or persons in question are believed to be an immediate danger to people around them. For example, an armed man in a shopping mall shooting at random without regard to the safety of the people around him, and refusing or being unwilling to negotiate, would likely warrant usage of deadly force, as a means to prevent further danger to the community. In the United States this is governed by Tennessee v. Garner, which said that "deadly force...may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others." In Australia, it has recently been proposed that police officers should have this power when a person might in the future pose a threat to others (see Australian Anti-Terrorism Act 2005).

In general, all armed bodies, be they the police or military or some offshoot thereof, have the ability to issue authorization for the usage of such force.

In the United States, a civilian may legally use deadly force when it is considered justifiable homicide, that is to say when the civilian feels their own life, or the lives of their family or those around them are in legitimate and imminent danger. However, self-defense resulting in usage of deadly force by a civilian or civilians against an individual or individuals is often subject to examination by a court if it is unclear whether it was necessary at the point of the offense, and whether any further action on the part of the law needs to be taken.

If enough people comment, i think we can come to an agreement. I say, if any sort of threat is there, and i feel that my Charictors life is in danger, then i should be able to pull the trigger to defend myself.

Have a good one all!

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When to Pull the trigger?  Vote Empty
PostSubject: Re: When to Pull the trigger? Vote   When to Pull the trigger?  Vote EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 5:39 am

Personaly i think that the best time is when you finish a warning countdown for example.
Let me see your hands where i can see em!
*person doesn't do and*
I'm going to count to 3 and you are going to do it!
*person may flee*
that's when you should begin to fire
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When to Pull the trigger?  Vote Empty
PostSubject: Re: When to Pull the trigger? Vote   When to Pull the trigger?  Vote EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 9:24 pm

Also it sounds like you are trying to say that if someone RPly pulls a gun on you, and is asking you to put your hands up AKA pretty much trying to stick you up... Its Non-RP fear to pull out a gun and kill the other person, even if your gun is better, In real life, it really only takes one or two bullets to kill someone, and considering how heavy a Spas or M4 or something is, they would be able to empty a full clip into you before you even unholstered it.
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When to Pull the trigger?  Vote Empty
PostSubject: Re: When to Pull the trigger? Vote   When to Pull the trigger?  Vote Empty

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When to Pull the trigger? Vote
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